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First Name Last Name Position Phone E-Mail
Mary Weece Guest Services (407)320-0226
Colleen Brown Guest Services (407)320-0225
Jay Garcia Meal Benefits (407)320-0222
Von Nguyen Nutrition/Special Programs (407)320-0111
Maranda McVige Technology Support (407)320-0261
Penny Outlaw Personnel (407)320-0570
Elizabeth Kagel Accounting (407)320-0224
Betsy French Purchasing (407)320-0227
Sarah Rotunno Inventory (407)320-0229
Darla Diab Facilities/Equipment (407)320-0093
Scott Arnett Technology Support (407)320-0224
Jose Rodriguez Network Operations (407)320-0436
Chad Chesley District Manager (407)320-0226
Kay Hallett District Manager (407)320-0226
Salah Ismail District Manager (407)320-0226
Jim McGonagle District Manager (407)320-0226
Auden Joseph District Manager (407)320-0226
Michael Lombardo District Manager (407)320-0226
Julia Tolentino District Manager (407)320-0226
David Hawk Coordinator of Operations (407)320-0129
Robert Little Coordinator of Operations (407)320-0223
Richard Miles Coordinator of Nutrition (407)320-0437
Jamie DeVivo Assistant Director (407)320-0352
Chad Wilsky Director (407)320-0567
Name Manager Phone Email
Altamonte Elementary Erin Austin 407-746-2952
Bear Lake Elementary Eduardo Salazar 407-746-5552
Bentley Elementary Sarai Zambrana 407-871-9952
Bud Layer Elementary Darlene Cokeroft 407-871-8052
Carillon Elementary Leslie Cherson 407-320-4652
Casselberry Elementary Toni Seguin 407-746-2552
Catering Thomas Group 407-320-9754
Chiles Middle School Patrick Floegel 407-871-7052
Crooms Academy Mary Beth Thompson 407-320-5752
Crystal Lake Elementary Pam Smith 407-871-8152
Eastbrook Elementary Cleve Morgan 407-746-7952
Endeavor Center Lisa Lynch 407-320-9777
English Estates Elementary Teresa Mahoney 407-746-2852
Evans Elementary Madelynn Gonzalez 407-320-9852
Forest City Elementary TBA 407-746-1052
Geneva Elementary Jerri Lindsay 407-320-4952
Goldsboro Elementary TBA 407-320-5852
Greenwood Lakes Middle Kathy Ellis 407-320-7652
Hagerty High Erin Basilo 407-871-0752
Hamilton Elementary Eileen Encarnacion 407-320-6052
Heathrow Elementary Cara Baker 407-320-6852
Highlands Elementary Becky Donaldson 407-746-6652
Hopper Center Alba Gagnon 407-746-2652
Idyllwilde Elementary Mary Ann Myers 407-320-3752
Indian Trails Middle Barb D’Ottavio 407-320-4352
Jackson Heights Middle Phyllis Testa 407-320-4552
Joan Walker Elementary Veronique De Rozieres 407-871-7352
Journeys Academy Lisa Lynch 407-320-9777
Keeth Elementary Norma Muniz 407-320-5352
Lake Brantley High Tom Tipton 407-746-3452
Lake Howell High Shawn McAnney 407-746-9052
Lake Mary Elementary Sandy Figueroa 407-320-5652
Lake Mary High Steve O’Rourke 407-320-9552
Lake Orienta Elementary Alba Gagnon 407-746-2652
Lawton Elementary Deborah Dillon 407-320-6352
Lyman High Chris Ross 407-746-2052
Markham Woods Middle Sherry Schleper 407-871-1752
Midway Elementary Kim Codner 407-320-5952
Millennium Middle Madeline Rivera 407-320-6552
Milwee Middle Lee Ann Golden 407-746-3852
Oviedo High Susie Manning 407-320-4052
Partin Elementary Tina Knoblock 407-320-4852
Pine Crest Elementary Lashanda Troutman 407-320-5452
Rainbow Elementary Robert Newkirk 407-320-8452
Red Bug Elementary Carmen Knapp 407-746-8352
Rock Lake Middle Tammy Bass 407-746-9352
Sabal Point Elementary De’Nika Whipper 407-746-3052
Sanford Middle Christine Newton 407-320-6152
Seminole High Brenda Weber 407-320-5052
South Seminole Middle Angel Phillips 407-746-1352
Special Centers Lisa Lynch 407-320-9777
Spring Lake Elementary Dawn Calloway 407-746-1652
Stenstrom Elementary Michelle Oldham 407-320-2452
Sterling Park Elementary Mary Batsch 407-746-8252
Teague Middle Charlene Leiter 407-320-1552
Tuskawilla Middle Deana Mignacca 407-746-8552
Wekiva Elementary Taylor Tharp 407-746-3152
Wicklow Elementary Ann Gilchrist-Weatherspoon 407-320-1252
Wilson Elementary Marie Greenstein 407-320-6952
Winter Springs Elementary Joanne Estela-Rodriguez 407-320-0652
Winter Springs High Maureen Moon 407-320-8752
Woodlands Elementary Gomattie Veerasammy 407-746-2752